Downgrade from a Private Property to a HDB flat

Selling a private property in favor of a HDB flat may seem like a downgrade, but it can actually be a viable option for many homeowners. A tidy profit can be made if the transaction is structured correctly.


However, there are several important considerations to note, if such an outcome is to be achieved.


Understanding the timeline of how a HDB resale process will greatly ease your burden in the transaction to ensure that you have enough time in the renovation and move-in period should you do not have other housing options. As you might need the CPF from the sales of your private property to facilitate the purchase of your HDB flat, do ensure a 3-week buffer on the completion to completion so you do not have a lapse in between that may hinder the completion of your purchase.



The key to the success is to time the transaction in a correct manner and to be savvy in the financial calculation so to ensure u are getting the right amount of proceeding after the sales of the flat and have ample time in the making arranging for renovation and move in for your purchase. Depending on your preferences and choices, the questions above have different solutions. If these key steps are not handled the right way, you could end up caught between 2 stools from your private to HDB transaction.

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