HDB Enhanced Contra Facility

Selling A HDB To Up/Downgrade To Another HDB

Many second-time home buyers are unsure of how to sell their HDB home, in order to up/downgrade to another HDB flat.

 - Should you sell your current flat first before buying?

- How long will this whole process take?

- Will there be any potential financial constraints?


To add more confusion into the mix, selling your flat and buying a new one involves 3 parties: The buyer, the seller, and yourself. Which makes it a much more complicated process compared to your first flat purchase. So if you have unanswered burning questions, do not worry.

The HDB Enhanced Contra Facility Scheme is meant to help you sell your current HDB flat, and concurrently buy another flat using the sales proceeds and refunded CPF monies.

Here are some other key points to note regarding the HDB Enhanced Contra Facility Scheme:

1) The CPF refunded money from your sales proceeds can be used to pay fees like the stamp duty.

2) The buyer of your flat must not apply for the Enhanced Contra Facility as only 1 party can submit HDB application only.

3) If you apply for HDB Enhanced Contra Facility, you will need to take up a HDB home loan or use the existing CPF used in the current flat that you sold. That’s why it’s important to structure your finances the right way to ensure you get the most value from your transaction.

4) Lastly before even the marketing start for the sales of the flat. Flat owners should understand if Enhanced Contra Facility is the best option available or should you have any other option to do the transaction without using Enhanced Contra Facility so as to maximize the target audience to ensure getting the best price possible.

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