Selling your HDB flat after 55 year old

After you turn 55, selling your property previously financed with CPF becomes a lot more complicated. You will need to refund the following amounts to your CPF. The CPF principal amount you’ve withdrawn to pay for the property.

– The accrued interest

– The pledged amount, if you had previously pledged to refund an amount withdrawn from your Retirement Account (RA) savings in cash

So what happens after paying off any outstanding housing loans, and the above?

Understanding the minimum sum of your RA is the key to the sales of the flat as only 1/2 of RA can be used in the next purchase, Should you not meet the min-sum is it still possible to proceed on to the sale of the flat?

To understand more in regards to the financial calculation and the number of sales proceeds and CPF to be used for your next purchase, fill in your details below and I’ll contact you to explain the right way to structure your sale.


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