Selling your HDB flat after Divorce

When a couple of divorces, ownership of the HDB flat has to be determined before selling your HDB. Depending on the scenario, these are the possible outcomes:

– Your flat is a matrimonial asset acquired under a joint application or the HDB fiancé-fiancée scheme. The court will decide how to divide this asset between the couple.

– If you have children and are granted custody, you will qualify to retain the flat, should you be financially able to take on the HDB loan.

– If neither party can retain the flat, it will have to be sold. If MOP is completed, it can be sold in the open market. If MOP is not completed, it might be returned to HDB unless HDB stated otherwise.

Lastly to note is understand from your lawyer if the interim judgment is being made final or should the process is still being in the stage of the contest.

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