Selling your HDB flat after getting an EC / BTO

There is quite a few little-known but important note regarding selling your HDB flat after getting an EC or BTO.

Just like all HDB transactions, you need to fulfill your 5-year MOP before being eligible to sell.


Some other points to note:

– To qualify, the married couple must include a Singaporean and the property must be purchased under both names of the couple.

– You also need to sell your HDB within 6 months from option acceptance if you’re buying a resale EC, or 6 months from TOP if you’re buying a new launch EC.

– Timeline of selling your resale HDB (Important)


Understanding on when the (New Launch)Executive Condo that you purchase will Issuance of Temporary Occupation Permit (TOP) and if you are on defer payment or normal payment scheme as the different payment scheme might require you to sell at the different specify timeline. Do take into consideration cater towards the inspection of your new Executive Condo and on the renovation and move-in period as so to transit smoothly to your new purchase Executive Condo.

For HDB owners that had purchased a BTO and need to sell their existing flat, you would have to time accordingly on the sales of your existing flat based on the key collection date.

Secondly, should you require the proceed from your existing flat to collect the key or require existing CPF to accrue back to your CPF account to fund the purchase/collection of your BTO Key does make a difference in the timing of the sales?

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