Understand How Decoupling Work

Buying a second property in Singapore comes with paying ABSD. To avoid this hefty cost, many homeowners (usually married Singaporean couples) would transfer his/her share of the current property to the other co-owner. This would free up the other party to purchase another property as a first-time buyer without needing to pay ABSD.

This process is known as decoupling/part purchase. Do note that decoupling/part purchase is only allowed under these special cases in HDB:

– Financial complications

– Death of an owner

– Divorce

– Renouncement of Singapore citizenship 

– Medical reasons


For private property owners, decoupling/part purchase is a great option as there are not many restrictions in place. However, there are 2 important things to note:

If there is an existing mortgage on the property, the buyer has to finance the existing loans. Also, the seller is required to pay seller stamp duty if they transfer property ownership within 4 years of purchase.

In 2016, decoupling/part purchase was under scrutiny because many homeowners were abusing this ownership transfer rule. Regulations were tightened, and the structure of the decoupling/part purchase process now needs to be handled with extreme care. If not, unwanted complications could arise, leading to transactions falling apart.

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structuring your property game plan correctly with the right financial methods, combined with the relevant applications will allow you to restructure your property portfolio at ease.


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