Upgrade to a New Launch Property

Upgrading to a new launch property after selling your HDB can be your gateway to a better life with your loved ones.

You’ll have plenty of choices too, due to the abundance of new launch projects on offer.

The key to purchasing the right new launch property is to look beyond the hype and focus on the fundamentals. Meaning, select a project most suitable for:

– Your current financial situation

– Your personal preferences

– Your future life and financial goals


While these requirements may seem simple on paper, finding the right new launch property which ticks all the boxes can be surprisingly challenging. Many buyers end up being trapped by unfavorable purchases and are likely to suffer from long-term financial problems to pay for their mistakes.


In order to avoid this, proceed with your upgrading process with caution.

Analyze both internal (the 3 points listed above) and external factors (market trends, area growth, prices of surrounding properties) carefully before committing to your purchase. Also, make sure that you have enough in your CPF OA account to pay for stamp duty.


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