Upgrade to a Resale Private Property

With so many new launches in the market today, after selling your HDB it’s easy to overlook another viable option for upgraders: Buying a resale private property.


Although you may not have as many choices should you choose this route, there are still plenty of hidden resale private gems in the market. You can also move in immediately to your new resale private home, instead of waiting for the project to TOP. However, consideration needs to be taken to ensure you make the right purchase which will appreciate in value and serve your family's needs in the term of stay.


Resale private properties are older developments, so making the wrong purchase of a depreciating asset could lead to financial losses.

One important thing to note: You must have enough cash on hand to pay for stamp duty.

Stamp duty for properties under SGD$1million: 3% (Minus $5,400)

Stamp duty for properties over SGD$1millon: 4% (Minus $15,400)


If you’re eyeing a resale private property and would like assistance to structure your transaction in a financially-prudent manner, leave your contact details below and I’ll get back to you to explore your options.

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